How to “make” a new game? Where to start? With the teaching manual, the set of rules or the material? We cannot answer this question until this day. We worked for a long period after the method „trial and error“– we created ideas and experimented with different materials to reject then everything because it was too expensive or even not producible in a reasonable way … The manual has been completely rewritten three times (!!!) during the last 2 years because the materials changed again and again which brought new requirements. Here is a small summary of anecdotes from the process of development.



Our first material attempts took place with a diving ring, adhesive tape rolls and gymnastic sticks. We had this “ring hockey”, nevertheless, sometime in P.E. … quickly it became clear to us what would become the limiting factor and at the same time the biggest challenge for the development of the game– the grip between floor and play device. First we devoted ourselves to numerous experiments with modelling material to find the optimum basic form (also in the picture: shattered mould for a synthetic resin experiment).


Who is interested in graffiti and likes sweets, will inevitably get to know “Boogie”. The graffiti artist from the Erzgebirge, whose civil name is Andre Morgner, is the absolute achiever in cream bags, cookies, donuts and similar products, which he sprays as an internationally asked graffiti artist on any available surface in all possible countries. To us it was immediately clear – we had to inspire Boogie for our project! I still remember his wide open eyes when he heard “Donut Hockey” for the first time. But he said – COOL EY. Let’s do it!


3 tests with modelling material later we agree with the tester team how the tip should look basically. It should run up narrowly and have grooves to catch the ring well. Now a drawing was made and a 3D-developer was instructed for the design of the realization data. Meanwhile, we also finished the logo and decided about the corporate design. Thanks Boogie! On the right side the final tip is shown as it is actually sold in the shop.


…caution is the mother of wisdom. Donut Hockey is not dangerous, in principle, with one single exception. Should the relatively narrow ends of the sticks get in the area of the eyes, the affected eyes get a problem. It is a matter to avoid this of course. Together with our hockey specialist we developed a mask visor which keeps away the stick point from the eyes. To offer also a cool accessory to field players, we bought cool gumshields for extra tooth protection. It can also be worn at parties, of course 😉


Although these Donuts look so yummy, however, the painting with warehouse ground colour, spray varnish and pumping marker just smells… horrible, but we look forward to the upcoming fotoshooting like crazy. Unfortunately, the special colour turns out to be not really that elastic as expected, so that during the first 10 minutes the whole painting landed on the ground in hundreds of thousands small paint chips. We admit, in that evening we wanted to throw everything against the wall. The small consolation: The damage could not be seen so significantly on the photos. So cheer up and let`s go on!


Not for Burner Motion! In 2015 the Easter holidays were intensely used to experiment with different colours. Hockey sticks are elastic and if the colour is not, after the play more colour would be on the ground than on the sticks. After the first nerve-wracking experiences and the following, professional consultation in a painter’s business we are in possession of highly elastic high-capacity colours with which also grounds of warehouses are lacquered where giant trucks travel around. So if these colours do not work …


We produced a video with our self-made prototypes to convince our future partners that the project absolutely earns support. Christian Rosenberger led the camera, Nicky Tuhuteru from Eindhoven spliced the scenes to a clip. The video originated in spring, 2015.


Our video should become quite individual, and above all it should present the youngsters, who have supported the whole process of game development fantastically. One thing was quickly clear: We need a cool title track from the locally famous student band „Friends with George“.


While producing our first small trailer we had noticed that it is clearly easier to look at cool videos than to produce them. Therefore, we decided to produce a professional trailer for the start of our project. For filming and cutting we could win the experienced media professional Peter Battanta. Victoria Chiverton wrote and composed the Donut Hockey title song „Shoot, Score, Everyone!“ which is performed by the Leonhard-student’s band „Friends with George“. The song was recorded and produced by Lovebugs guitarist Tom Rechberger in the Alterna studios.


Now the shafts take shape as well. We still test different surfaces and colours … and need an eternity until we can decide finally about all details. Quality is an object of long discussions as well. Of course, the coolest material is also the most expensive and for the Donut Hockey team only the best stuff is just good enough. But at the end the material must also be affordable, otherwise nobody would play the game. To satisfy all requirements finally, we order a favorable model for children and a little more expensive carbon composite model for stronger youngsters and leisure sportsmen. The picture on the right points: It rocks!


… our Donut Hockey collection! Super functional sticks in different qualities, dimensions and colours, a puzzled out play ring, perfect goalie masks and a 128-page teaching manual full of cool ideas what all can be done with these materials. The whole developers and instructors team is totally happy and is looking forward to showing this new, great game to many game addicts!


There are many exciting stories to tell about Donut Hockey. However, the play itself is still the most exciting of all. After our long odyssey we can say with a happy heart – we have created great material and have written an innovative teaching manual. We are firmly convinced that Donut Hockey will have a great future. Now it’s GAME TIME – be a pioneer and belong to the first Donut Hockey players or coaches!



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