The basic equipment exists of sticks, goalkeeper’s masks and a donut. The field must be limited with boards or walls. ATTENTION: Donut hockey masks have a special visor with especially narrow meshes to keep away the stick points from eyes and face. Donuts and sticks offer cleverly devised high tech for maximum play fun as well – who has tried out the materials once, will never again return to gymnastics sticks and diving rings – except it serves the hardening of the goalkeeper ;-). All components were developed with experienced partners from the ice-hockey branch and were checked in practice. Who would like to get an idea of the material development process, is warmly invited to visit the site HISTORY.


The stick exists of a shaft and a replaceable point with special profile. It should reach from the ground to approximately to the lowest costal arch of the player. The aim was to create a stick which is elastic, super light, stable and inexpensive. However, it quickly became clear that one single model would not able to fulfil all these criteria. Therefore, there are two different qualities of sticks: The superfavorable GLOSS, which is made of polycarbonat for smaller budgets, respectively for children and younger youngsters – and the bit more expensive, but enormously high-quality FLOW stick made of carbon/fiberglass composite. The FLOW is absolutely recommended if one likes to play regularly, but also for stronger players (teenagers, apprentices, adults …) who simply need a little bit more stability.


The Donut Hockey play ring combines optimal softness with perfect gliding ability on the floor and optimum grip on the stick. The ring is available in two dimensions – the bigger model is ideal for beginners, because the receiving of a pass is simplified with it. The smaller, quicker model is very suitable for all advanced players because more exact shots and quicker passes are possible. Apart from the special mask the goalkeeper needs no special protection items, because the ring is so soft that it causes no pains even with sharp shots.


At the beginning we played with floorball masks. Quickly, it became clear that even with big care the stick points are dangerous for the goalkeeper. To exclude accidents with injuries in face and eyes, it needs a mask with narrow meshes or a perspex visor. Because one sweats terrifically behind the perspex visor in the warm gymnasium, the Donut Hockey mask has a fine-meshed steel visor. No facial protection is necessary for the players – for everybody who wants to be especially safe or has sensitive teeth use a common mouthgard, just like in handball or hockey.


As basic equipment you need at least 6 sticks, 1 donut and 2 masks. The Donut Hockey Set can be scaled freely depending on the size of the class/group – so everyone gets the ideal amount of material in the desired quality, size and colour, as well as the teaching material in the right language. Bags for storage, markers, tapes, spare tips and other useful materials can be added as required. All materials are of course also available individually in the shop.


Donut Hockey is a brand-new team game – presumably there are no suitable goal area markings in the halls. Therefore, we offer a special adhesive tape which sticks well on the floor but can be removed completely. Also spare tips ??? are sold in the shop, because these wearing parts are simply worn sometime and should be replaced. Beside these most important basics there is a small, but fine choice of practical and stylish products all around Donut Hockey – grip tapes, outfits, marker material and personal accessories. The product range is continuously extended and innovatively developed.


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